Miscellaneous Partners

Objectives of Partners

The Baptist Hospital has always worked along with partners on the national level on the one hand and the international level on the other. Organizations, believers and laïques pray for the hospital. Not only do they donate money and equipment but they also devote part of their time and skills to the hospital. They all act for the achievement of the mission of the Baptist Hospital of Ferké, whether their contribution is punctual or spreads out over time.

Fighting back HIV/AIDS

Beside the awareness heightening program about HIV/AIDS, the hospital ensures the medical cares of those who live with HIV/AIDS including their access to ARV treatment. This project which started in accordance with the Elisabeth Glaser Pediatrics Aids Foundation (EGPAF) is still on along with Health Alliance International (HAI).

The National Program against Tuberculosis

The Baptist Hospital of Ferké is approved by National program against Tuberculosis as a medical center for the treatment and control of tuberculosis.


The Baptist Hospital of Ferké is approved by the insurances below: CNRA's mutual agents, AMAT-CI, LEA CONSEIL, MCI-SOGEM, STANE, ASCOMA, SIGEM, SUCAF-CI FERKE I ET II, GRAS SAVOYE, SCA-INTER A .

Message of director

The Hospital is one of the few private institutions to implement a program to support of Tubercolosis in the North ..[...]