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The clinic :

It includes 1 reception office, 5 offices devoted to medical consultation and 1 room for bandages and injections.

The laboratory :

It is equipped for all tests even the most elaborated ones such as antibiogram, blood ionogram and transaminases. It is also equipped with a bank of blood which enables the hospital to perform close to 600 blood transfusions a year.

Surgery service :

It includes three operation rooms, a birth room and a sterilization room. Round the clock, people coming willingly or evacuated from public sanitary installations of Ferké and elsewhere get in for surgical emergencies.

The radiology service :

A 300 milliampere device, donated by Baptist American churches permit to meet the radiology needs of the hospital.

The hospitalization service :

It includes 61 beds: 7 incubators for premature babies. 3 beds are available for those with burns. The contagious cases are placed in a isolation service which includes individual bedrooms.

The Community Health Program :

It uses its services and works along with Public Hygiene National Institute and other partners (Health Alliance International) to prevent diseases in the area.

The maintenance service :

This service badly needs a suitably equipped workshop for the newly built facilities and the maintenance of the old buildings. An emergency power engine takes over when there is power cut.

The training of the doctors :

To meet its need in medical agents, the Baptist Hospital uses a three- year training program to train the doctors of the Baptist Hospital. Practical training completes the theoretical training. Some retraining sessions ensure the efficiency of the medical staff during their career.